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Archivists without Borders Spain

AsF Internacional

Archivists without Borders (AwB) International is the network made up of the Archivists without Borders associations and entities of Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Spain, France, Mexico, Peru and Uruguay. Its main objective is cooperation in the sphere of archives work in countries whose documentary heritage is in danger of disappearing or of suffering irreversible damage, with particular emphasis on the protection of human rights.

AwB International is governed by the International Charter (2008) and by the Regulations of the International Coordination Council of AwB International (2009).

If you would like to create an AwB association in your country or you would like to request our collaboration, please contact us at the electronic mail address:

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AwB · C/ Rocafort 242 bis, 3a planta 08029 Barcelona · Tel +34 93 301 20 34